Training Links & Books

The following is a list of links to sound & AV industry schools, trade associations offering training classes and companies that provide web-based training resources.

  • Columbia College Chicago - Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
    Columbia College Chicago is a university offering an education in the arts. The Audio Arts & Acoustics Department is unique academic environment where students can learn sound in a full 4 year program. The audio program differs from other schools, by offering concentrations in live & installed sound and acoustics in addition to recording. Jeffrey Lipp is on the part time faculty, teaching a class in sound system design. The program offers internship opportunities to it's best students. This is an excellent way for local sound or AV contractors to find well-educated entry-level staff.

  • InfoComm
    InfoComm offers several multi-day classes on AV topics. These training classes are offered at the yearly InfoComm trade show, in June, as well as at their headquarters and on-line on your own computer. Training ranges from basics for entry level employees to advanced preparation classes for CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification testing.

    The on-site classes are held at it's headquarters in Virginia. The classes include Install School, Design School, Rental School, Videoconferencing & Boot Camp.

    The Academy online classes include Quick Start, AV Essentials, AV for Sales, Install School, Design School, Rental School & AV Networking.

    InfoComm publishes many excellent books on AV systems (see below).

  • LinkedIn - AV Groups

  • Syn-Aud-Con
    Syn-Aud-Con provides two or three day audio training seminars at locations around the country. These seminars cover the basics of sound systems and sound system design. They are ideal for training of entry level or moderately experienced employees of contracting companies, rep firms or manufacturers.

  • Pro Sound Web
    Pro sound web offers many on-line articles on pro audio topics. Various experts in the field have written the articles. They also have several forums for question posting.

  • How Stuff Works
    How Stuff Works offers many interesting on-line science articles on many topics. They range from how refrigerators, to toys, to the human body, to even how beer works. They have excellent articles on audio and video topics. Most include very good pictures or animations.

  • Recommended Books
    A. All InfoComm books, Especially:
    Grimes, Brad, CTS Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guide, Second Edition.
    McGraw Hill Education.

    B. Davis, Don and Carolyn, Sound System Engineering, Third Edition.
    Howard W. Sams, Indianapolis, IN.

    C. Giddings, Philip, Audio Systems Design and Installation.
    Focal Press, Boston, MA.

    D. Glerum, Jay, Stage Rigging Handbook.
    Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale, IL.

    E. Davis, Gary & Jones, Ralph, Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, Second Edition.
    Hal Leonard Corporation, Milwaukee, WI.