Lipp A/V Design offers consulting services in the design of sound, video and audio visual systems. We will work with you to design and implement a strategy that will meet your specific requirements. We're ready to help you realize your project goals by providing you with unequaled service, expert advice and a sophisticated creative approach.

Our principal consultant, Jeffrey Lipp, has spent over 20 years in the sound and video business. His experience ranges from system operation to design and project management for a large A/V contractor and a national equipment dealer. He keeps up to date on current technology by writing magazine articles, lecturing at trade shows and teaching a university system design class. All of this seasoning will be added to the project, providing the highest quality design concept and cleanest system documentation.


One of the best ways to achieve high quality is by a "simple" design concept. Because the company has an abundance of operation experience, we know what equipment and features are important to make a system work.

We're also aware that it's just as important to know what is not needed. This well grounded approach provides the user with only the features that are needed and not a confusing array of controls and buttons and a pile of expensive equipment that is never turned on.


Of course a simplified design concept is a good value, but the best value in using Lipp A/V Design is that the system can be purchased through competitive bidding. Rather then selling equipment, we provide a specification and drawing package that can be used for competitive, apples to apples, bidding from several contractors. In fact, if you have been thinking "I can't afford a consultant", think about this: the cost of the consulting services may be able to be made up by the additional savings offered from the competitive bidding process.