The Lipp AV Design process starts with needs analysis. We will get together with the users to assess the technical requirements for the new system. We'll ask questions like "What is the resolution of your computers?" and "Do you really need 40 wireless mics for a high school auditorium?"

An AV program report will be provided at the end of the needs analysis. It will detail the user requests and our recommendations. It will also include a detailed budget.

The next step is architectural integration. We will work closely with the members of the design team toward the generation of the architect's design development and construction drawings.

AV equipment layout, conduit layout and block diagram drawings as well as a specification will be provided to document the system concept. Not only will this give direction to the AV contractor, it will tell the electrical contractor exactly what conduit is needed and it will tell the general contractor how to make everything fit in the room.

In the bidding stage, we will conduct a pre-bid meeting and respond to vender questions. Once the bids come in, they will be evaluated to confirm that they all truly meet the project requirements.

Once a contractor is selected, construction administration services will be provided. The contractor's shop drawings will be approved. Then their shop and fieldwork will be checked. Once the last items are crossed off the punch list, we will be available to support the operators and make sure everyone is fully satisfied with the new purchase.