Motorola - IN2 Solutions Salon
Arlington Heights, IL

Sales Presentation Room - AV System

When Motorola really wants to knock the socks off one of their potential cellular telephone customers, the take them to this sales presentation room. When the very small group of potential customers sits down, all eyes are drawn to a video presentation, which is displayed, on 9 video screens. The screens include a large rear projection screen and two 2x2 video walls.

Front View of Room with Main Rear Projection Screen, Two 2x2
Video Walls and ten foot wide Podium
(Photo courtesy of Goss/Pasma)

Once the video presentation is over, the presenter can stand behind a custom designed, ten foot wide ultra modern podium and get into more details of the product display. The podium is equipped with two high-resolution computers, which are displayed on the main video screen and a control system touch panel. The touch panel can be used to control AV functions, room lighting and a movable wall that raises to reveal a lunch counter at break time.

Architect: Gross/Plasma
Evanston, IL
AV Contractor: Ancha Electronics, Inc. (Now: SPL/Integrated Solutions)
Note: AV Design was by Lipp AV Designís principal Consultant while employed be Ancha Electronics, Inc.

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